Tuesday Apr 28 2015
Al-Mustafa Open University, with the help of the latest technology in the field of online communication, offers courses in a wide variety of Islamic Sciences and Humanities in a number of widely spoken languages. These courses are available in different fields of learning in the form of affordable short-term courses Live Online, and our certificates given to the graduates are officially recognized as well. The Open University which is the virtual arm of the Al-Mustafa International University has a three-decade experience in providing educational services to international students. We draw upon a team recognized experts and actively involved representatives in many parts of the world, and currently serve the educational needs of several hundred students at the level of B.A., M.A. and Short-Term Certificate programs.  
Course Course Level Language of Instruction Course Start Date Course Info Apply
Islamic Ethics(philosophy of ethics) Masters Persian 23/Sep/2014  
Exegesis & Qur'anic Sciences (Persian) Masters Persian 23/Sep/2014
Exegesis & Qur'anic Sciences (Arabic) Masters Arabic 23/Sep/2014
Exegesis & Qur'anic Sciences (English) Masters English 23/Sep/2014
Islamic Ethics(philosophy of ethics Masters English 23/Sep/2014
Applied Islamic ethics Masters Persian 23/Sep/2014
Islamic Jurisprudence Bachelor Arabic 23/Sep/2014
Qur'an and Hadith Sciences Bachelor Arabic 23/Sep/2014
Qur'an and Hadith Sciences Bachelor Urdu 23/Sep/2014
Islamic Jurisprudence Bachelor Persian 23/Sep/2014
[ course1045 ] Bachelor Persian 20/Feb/2014
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